Printing & Packaging Solution

We manufacture a range of printing materials, including books, booklets, brochures, pamphlets and leaflets, and paper and paperboard labels which are used mainly for packaging. Other categories include advertising materials, commercial catalogues, calendars, postcards and greeting cards. We also specialize in the manufacture of higher value-added printing products such as comic books – collectors’ edition that require considerable skill and substantial capital investment.

We specialize in the consumer packaging business. This refers to the packaging of goods sold to consumers, primarily involving shopping bags, packaging bags, padded mailers, boxes and gift wraps. We are famous for quick response, flexibility in customizing products for our customers and short delivery lead-time. Our Promotion & Packaging materials business is supported by our strong in-house printing facilities. Therefore we can offer more value-added services such as developing the packaging design along with the customer’s product development. Bags and containers product usually export directly to the manufacturers or distributors local and overseas. These products include consumer packs, such as gift boxes, packaging bags.

Bank ATM solution

In partnering with GRG Banking, the No.1 ATM manufacturer in China, we assist major banks in Macau for ATM installation, integration and maintenance.

Smart home solution

Smart homes are a concept that has been around for some time, but one that has become much more accessible. Smart technology is making our daily lives more comfortable, convenient, and safer, every day. As more and more products are developed with smart technology built in, the features you can automate in your home is growing.

A smart home is one that uses technology to automate and control home systems. The key to home automation is the ability to remotely control your connected home from your phone, computer, and more recently virtual assistants. A smart home is more than just programming lights or the coffee maker to turn off and on at certain times, but a fully integrated system you can seamlessly monitor and control everything.

Casino Management Solution

The current management of casinos in money handling is challenged by the legacy method where it is a costly and timely collection from the gaming floor. When the data does come in, it is often disjointed, inaccurate, and outdated for proper response. To be proactive and make data-driven decisions, casino executives need access to accurate gaming table data in an easy format. This helps to protect business, optimise operation and increase the efficiency of the reporting process.

Our casino management solution offers real time visibility and total control over the gaming tables. Every table with interface exchanges the real time data to the designated back-end system and through a user friendly dashboard interface to help executives make real-time decisions or understand the current real-time cash position in each gaming table and the consolidated summary. Our solution is not only enhancing the data accuracy and time efficiency in the data collection, but also enhancing the security throughout the entire collection process.